5 Tips if You’re Thinking of Divorce

The process of divorce in Australia can be complicated and quite daunting for those thinking of separating from their husband or wife. Oftentimes, planning for divorce will involve more than just searching for “Family lawyers near me.” Certain aspects you will have to ensure are already in order before even starting the process. So hereContinue reading “5 Tips if You’re Thinking of Divorce”

5 Common Causes of Divorce

As leading family lawyers, a question we are often asked is what makes a marriage fall apart. Whether for same-sex marriage, heterosexual relationships or de-fact couples, there are some common stressors that seem to lead to a relationship breakdown. Still, it’s important to remember that each relationship is unique, as are the stressors that actContinue reading “5 Common Causes of Divorce”

Understanding Divorced Parenting Styles

When it comes to divorce in Australia, there is no one size fits all solution, and the same applies to divorced parenting styles. Each family is unique, each divorce is different, and each parent is an individual. While we recommend seeking out a family law firm in Melbourne to assist you in establishing your parentingContinue reading “Understanding Divorced Parenting Styles”

A Quick Post-Divorce Checklist

We often write about the process of divorce in Australia, but there aren’t as many resources online that can help you with what to do once you’ve finalized your divorce. Even with the best family lawyers on your side, getting a divorce can be stressful, and many people look forward to the day where everythingContinue reading “A Quick Post-Divorce Checklist”

6 Important Points for A Prenup

People often seek out family lawyers only once they’re considering a divorce. However, there are many other aspects that a family law solicitor can support you long before a potential divorce. While the big “What If?” isn’t something newly engaged couples want to consider, a prenuptial agreement is critical to have in place. So, whatContinue reading “6 Important Points for A Prenup”

Dealing with Divorce Guilt

At Umbrella Family Law, we are all about supporting our clients throughout the entire divorce process. We understand that navigating a divorce is never easy, and you need your family lawyers to support you not only legally but often emotionally too. One thing we’ve noticed is that amongst many emotions that spouses feel during theContinue reading “Dealing with Divorce Guilt”

Can You Refuse a Divorce in Australia?

Can You Refuse a Divorce in Australia? We are often asked as leaders in Family Law in Kensington whether an individual can refuse a divorce when requested from their spouse. All matters pertaining to divorce in Australia are outlined by the Family Law Act of 1975. As part of this act, individual’s are required toContinue reading “Can You Refuse a Divorce in Australia?”

Tips for Staying Emotionally Strong During a Divorce

Whether a de-facto relationship or same-sex divorce, the breakdown of a relationship can be an extremely emotional and challenging time. However, emotions can cloud judgements and often fuel unnecessary conflicts that make the application for divorce more complicated and drawn out. So, here’s some advice from the leading family lawyers in Bayside. So, you’ve decidedContinue reading “Tips for Staying Emotionally Strong During a Divorce”

Tips to Reduce Legal Fees During A Divorce

When it comes to the process of divorce in Australia, the last thing you should be worrying about is exorbitant fees and greedy lawyers. However, having proper trusted legal advice throughout the process is often priceless. Still, this doesn’t mean you need to break the bank when hiring family lawyers. So, here are 10 tipsContinue reading “Tips to Reduce Legal Fees During A Divorce”

5 Tips for a Healthy Divorce

Is there such a thing as a healthy, amicable divorce? As leading divorce lawyers in Melbourne, we understand that navigating a divorce in Australia can be incredibly difficult, beyond just the emotional strain and hardship. From divorce property settlement to custody issues, there is so much to consider and finalizing these issues can cause manyContinue reading “5 Tips for a Healthy Divorce”

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